Susanne Schiefelbein was born in Berlin/Germany. As the daughter of a restorer, my childhood playground was often my dad’s workshop, where I spent most of my time getting completely absorbed by paints, brushes and all sorts of other curious materials which I could get my hands on.

Once old enough, I happily threw myself into design studies. The design and development of a children’s board game as my final exam piece, helped me to start my career in professional board game development at Schmidt Spiele/Berlin.

Also having trained as an editor, I have been able to create texts for – among other things – the world’s biggest kids-magazine “Micky Maus-Magazin” at Egmont Ehapa Verlag/Berlin.

Countless little treasures, such as costume sets, paper products, jewelry, sweets and tea were created during my time as a product manager at Coppenrath Verlag/Edition Die Spiegelburg in Münster/Germany.

Finally after all of this, I made my greatest dream come true: I founded my own creative-lab focused on illustration, text and concept work, which makes me and many other people very, very happy.